Table Ninja Review

For a while I have been meaning to write this review. Before I start, I am not getting paid by Table Ninja for doing this. Its simply an awesome piece of software and something that has increased my hourly winrate and just in general made me a ton of money. So what is Table Ninja?

Table Ninja is a piece of poker software for PokerStars that allows you to use various automated commands to facilitate multi tabling more effectively. In the simplest terms, it allows you to play more tables, easier with less clicks and mouse movement hence increasing a multitablers hourly win rate. The top reasons to play at Pokerstars are their excellent software, the $600 first deposit bonus, and this is the best site for heads up poker. Also you can play with the pros and they have lot of deposit options.

So what do I use Table Ninja for?

* Fold, Bet/Raise, call hotkeys
* Joining tables quickly using a hotkey
* Automatic preflop opening raise sizes and 3-bet sizes.
* Helpful pre-defined flop, turn and river bet sizes.
* Closing tables quickly
* Handling lobby and table annoyances (Such as automatically waiting for big blind)
* Auto click time-bank so i don’t timeout.

Table Ninja Benefits

The primary reason I use Table Ninja is because it allows me to play more tables than if I was playing normally. Instead of clicking the fold button, or the scroll bar to define my bet amount, I can auto raise with one tap on the keypad or I can fold with one tap on the keypad. I primarily tile my tables across two 30″ monitors and use my mouse to highlight the table that needs an action, I then press the key that is needed for that action.

Table Ninja also automatically places bet amounts into the bet box, usually these are close to the amount I want to bet and I just adjust them manually if I need to. The other cool thing about Table Ninja is if I am taking my time to make one decision it will automatically click time-bank on that table and all other tables awaiting action. This allows me to play upwards of 15 tables without timing out when I would have previously had alot of trouble if I was just playing manually.

Overall I really like the software, if you are looking for a way to potentially increase your $ per hour by playing more tables on PokerStars this software is probably worth a look. Remember, I spent many years working on my poker game before I got to this point. Playing too many tables too soon can lead to robotting and potentially stunting your poker growth. If you want to use Table Ninja or some other software to increase your ability to multi table just be careful, some players, especially inexperienced players who are not used to playing lots of tables, may not be able to cope.

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