The couple that plays together

couple-playing-cardsMy worst bad beat came not at the hands of a seasoned veteran, or even an amateur player, but from my girlfriend, Sarah. It didn’t cost me a huge sum of money, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on tilt for days afterward.

Having felt excluded from my weekly home game, Sarah asked me to teach her how to play poker prior to one recent tournament. I obliged, explaining the basics of Texas Hold’em, as well as the general strategy for novices, for about an hour over dinner. She listened intently for maybe the first 20 minutes and then started sneaking peeks at ESPN on the TV behind me. “She’ll regret this later,” I thought to myself.

A couple of hours later, our casual $5 tournament began. I played well from the start, taking out three players in a single hand when I landed queens full. The beautiful boat gave me a commanding chip lead ? almost triple that of anyone else at the table. I quickly became content to fold all but the best hands.

After several rounds had been played, our table was down to just four players. A large pot began brewing between Sarah and the person in second place, Jon. I was concerned that Sarah was biting off more than she could chew with Jon, who’s an excellent player. The flop came Q-Q-6. Sarah checked. Jon bet out and Sarah smooth called. The turn was a king. Sarah checked. Jon bet the pot, and Sarah smooth called again. The river was a 10. Jon immediately went all-in, pushing his stack into the pot. Smiling, Sarah called.

Jon flipped over Q-J for the top straight; Sarah flipped over pocket 10s for a full house. The table exploded in laughter, and Jon left with his head hung low at being slow played so easily. Knowing the truth about how long Sarah had been playing poker (roughly four hours at that point), I smirked. “Well, she got lucky,” I said to myself. “But she’s definitely no threat to me.”

I was dealt KH-6H on the very next hand. As the big blind, I checked. The flop came 10H-2H-AH. Sarah checked, and I slow played my nut flush by also checking. After the turn produced a rag, I decided to bet the pot. Sarah called. The river was a second two. Without blinking, I pushed my stack all-in. Sarah looked at me and asked, “Are you sure you want to do that?” I laughed, confident that my flush was going to crush her trips or two pair.

Instead, however, she turned over pocket 10s again, which gave her another full house, and began raking in my chips. I was dumbfounded. After several minutes, I got up and made some snide remark about luck. Sarah looked at me, somewhat insulted, and said defensively, “I asked if you were sure!”

Sarah eventually went on to win the tournament (a fact she never fails to remind me about!). After that game I decided to hold of playing poker for a while and instead I started trading binary options. This is quite similar to poker where it is a question of making small bets with positive expected value, except binary options relate to financial markets, not a deck of cards. But the basic idea is the same.

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